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michael endres' priorities


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keeping our neighborhoods safe

As a parent, Michael Endres wants to keep Cedar Park’s neighborhoods safe for all. As a police sergeant, he knows that well-trained first responders, access to mental health and family support services, and well-designed roads, bike paths, and sidewalks for people of all ages to get around on are a recipe for a safe city. 

attracting business
& jobs

Cedar Park is one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas. We can credit this to our small businesses and hard workers, who are the lifeblood of our economy. Mike is committed to making Cedar Park the best place to open and operate a small business in Texas by listening to the needs of local business owners and workers and reducing burdensome and inefficient regulations.

Paying Customer

More options for Housing and Ownership

Mike has been a licensed Texas real estate agent and broker for nearly two decades and understands the need for dynamic housing options to serve the community. Mike wants to prevent families from having to move out of town due to high costs, provide our workforce with options to reduce commuting times and accommodate the needs of our senior residents.


Mike supports allowing a wider variety of housing choices, lot size flexibility, and other ways to create more efficient housing that people can afford. Mixed-use projects like the Bell District allow people to walk, live, work, and play close to home without the need to drive, which eases traffic, promotes fitness and wellness, brings amenities closer to our neighborhoods, makes efficient use of city infrastructure, and generates revenue for new amenities and keeping property taxes low.

Expand parks & green spaces

Cedar Park is home to many amazing parks, hike and bike trails, playgrounds, and green spaces. Mike will support the growth and development of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.


Maintain and Invest in Infrastructure

Infrastructure is integral to our local economy and quality of life. Mike will support needed maintenance and long-term investment projects in water, transportation, bridges and other city needs.

fiscal responsibility

Mike will be one of the best advocates for Cedar Park taxpayers on city council. He will ensure fiscal responsibility by cutting wasteful spending and making smart decisions with our city budget. Mike understands we need a balanced budget, lower costs, and to generate wealth within our community to keep Cedar Park moving forward!

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