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I was raised in Muenster, Texas as one of four kids. My dad ran a commercial equipment leasing company, and my mom ran a daycare out of our house and worked at a local bank. I enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve straight out of high school and moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas. I was called to full duty in 2005 during my sophomore year and spent my 21st birthday in Iraq.

After returning, I met my future wife, Laura, and I began working as a real estate agent.

after college

After we graduated from UT, Laura went on to become a pharmacist while I worked for credit unions in Austin and then as a sales rep for a Verizon franchise. 

Missing the sense of service and camaraderie of the Marine Corps, I left sales to join the Austin Police Department in 2011. While at the Department, I served in patrol, the Special Response Team, Lake Patrol, 6th Street and the downtown district, as a patrol Corporal, a Detective in Sex Crimes, an Advanced Education supervisor, and now a central Austin patrol Sergeant. 

The most rewarding but difficult job I’ve had was as a Detective investigating sexual assaults. To me, the success of holding people accountable for crimes depends on a police officer’s ability to earn the trust of crime victims, a city that provides officers the resources they need to do their duty, a strong network of victim and family advocacy and support groups, and a county and district attorney’s office that will see that justice is served.

personal life

After having our two kids, Grant and Jacob, we did not feel safe in our Austin neighborhood. We wanted a safe, family-oriented town and decided to move to Cedar Park. We both enjoy the outdoors, running, cycling, and walkability, so we chose to move right next to the Bell District.

I enjoy volunteering for the Watch D.O.G.S. at my kids’ elementary school, keeping them active at the Cedar Park Youth League and YMCA, running and biking Brushy Creek, and training at a local jiu jitsu gym.

Why Do I Want to Serve on Cedar Park City Council?

The first responsibility of the government is to provide for the safety of residents. Having spent 12 years in law enforcement, I know the importance of properly resourced, trained, and appreciated police, fire, and EMS departments. I will work to make Cedar Park the city that the best Texas cops, firefighters, and paramedics want to come to. I will never support the defunding of public safety!

I earned a Master of Business Administration with focus in finance in 2016, and I will do everything I can to attract and support local business. I will support future projects similar to the Bell District that provide the city an increased tax base and ability to fund quality amenities. As a licensed real estate broker, I understand that housing and business success are intertwined. Housing affordability is a major issue. Businesses need customers and employees, and they all need a place to live. 

And finally, I want to improve quality of life for residents. Sidewalks designed to be safe for kids to walk and ride their bikes on matters greatly to me. I support the expansion and improvement of public parks, and I will support community -centric programs.

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